Student leadership programs help students hone their leadership skills. Contrary to the popular belief that people are born with the ability to lead or charisma, at be happy in life they believe that leaders are made and not born. With the right guidance, mindset and tools every child can step up and become a leader. In a single day student leadership workshop, the students start a process towards their leadership journey. The good thing is that the results of this workshop are irreversible.

Be happy in life also offers professional development for teachers. School leadership programs provide tremendous professional development opportunities for teachers and also ease the transition for most students. Professional teacher development helps teachers to continue strengthening their practice throughout their career. Research shows that the quality of teaching and school leadership constitute the most important factors in raising student success. The educators and the administrators of schools continually expand their knowledge and skills so that they can be effective in implementing the best educational practices. The educators can then assist the students to learn at the highest levels. Professional development for teachers targets groups of teachers to focus on the needs of their students and the needs that these students have.

This can be done for example in a workshop. This workshop brings the teachers together so that they can learn to solve problems so that they can be able to help all students to success. This is a concept known as professional learning communities (PLC). The aim of these teachers working together is to find new methods and strategies to teach and improve instruction. Schools that encourage collaboration and mentoring between new teachers and experienced teachers have lower rates of turnover. One way of ensuring that a professional learning community is fostered is through common planning. With common planning, teachers from the same subject area work together and share ideas. This will especially be helpful for new teachers to gain additional ideas and resources from the experienced teachers. Professional development is most effective where the educators learn in an environment where they can use what they learn. However, it can happen in other settings such as another school, education service center local and national seminars and workshops or online.  Check this link!

There are websites where teachers can find useful learning content including videos on effective teaching. There some professional development pages which provide interactive real – time discussions between an expert and the participants. To learn more about school leadership courses, go to


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